How You Make Me Feel

I want to lay by your body I want to hold your head in my hands As you climb on top of me I want to forever be your man How you make me feel I can't comprehend How you make me feel I don't understand Is this for real? I'm not sure, but I … Continue reading How You Make Me Feel


Forever And Forever

Forever and forever, I'll be your king Forever and forever is where we will be With you on my side, my queen And me forever your king Forever, I promised you And forever is what I intend to do Forever, I swear it's true That where ever you go, I'll go too Forever, my loyalty … Continue reading Forever And Forever


Blocks be damned We have to find a way Rocks are heavy Always lead the way Your smile lit up a room Your laugh would be consumed Watch us from above My friend, you are still loved Almost a year had passed Seemed I saw trouble but always hoped That you'd figure it out Spoke … Continue reading Castles