First about my last, work of art.

Welcome.  It’s quite fitting as an artist to have an end game.  A masterpiece that they end it all with.  Their Swan Song.  And I am no different from any other artist.  I love writing.  I love creating.  Most of all, I love ending.

What does that mean?  “I love ending”?  It means since I started my journey on this earth I was obsessed with the end of it.  I love to think of when it’s over.  It’s like I have a secret admiration of death and what comes of it. It engulfs me, filling my curiousness to edges of the darkest parts of my minds.  Humans….truly we are a god’s joke on the beauty of creation.

So what can you expect from GT Zinn?  Hopefully, anything.  I will keep my mind open and give you some interesting stories and human emotion.  I will hope to touch on subjects that may not be familiar with me and on characters that I may not agree with or understand fully their thought process.  I want to make you, the reader, feel the character even if you cannot relate fully to what he/she is going through.  I want to take you all on a journey that will hopefully move you to feel some type of emotion.

I have begun writing what will be the first of many of my books.  This site I will use to connect with the reader and brandish them with updates about books, life, thoughts, and maybe even some short stories or poetry.  I plan to self publish my work digitally and sell them for cheap or even give them to all of you to share.  It’s not so much about the money, more about the legacy of what I want to give to you the readers.

Now, back to my Swan Song.  I thought it fitting to dedicate my first post to my last piece of art.  The greatest piece I have yet to create.  The masterpiece that takes me to a place where my inner spirituality has been fulfilled and the artist in my released from the prison of creation. The artist is a prisoner of their own creations.  So one day, it will come that I will leave all of you readers.  That I will turn my back and walk away from this journey we have embarked on, but in turn I will leave you with the greatest piece of art that my soul could muster.  And I dedicate all of this to my muse.

Yes, the love of my life will be my Swan Song.  She has always received notes, poems and musings from me, just little things to express my love to her.  On the day of my finale, she will receive my Swan Song and she will own it.  It will be hers to do with what she wants.  Why her?  Because of her, I am.

Enjoy my site, enjoy my words and let yourself feel.

And to my love, there are no amount of words to express my depth of emotion and love for you.  There is not enough space in the galaxy or all of space to hold the depth of my love for you.  For the world was/is not ready to have you and does not deserve a soul, heart, and love like yours.  And for that, I will burden that sin and try to express to you how much you truly mean to me.  You are the cause of all my creation.  And you will also be the end.  One day I will be done with all of this, and it will be for you.

I love you forever and always.

GT Zinn


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