A little piece about love: What I learned about love by loving my daughter

What I learned by loving my daughter

I am a father. I am a man. And yet, I have never known what it really means to love until I had my daughter. At 6 tender years of age she has taught me what it takes to love the fairer sex. My daughter’s soul is so sweet, it brings me to tears to see her unhappy and yet I know in this world she will see it. I know what my job as a father is. I know what it is that I must do to raise her the right way. May daughter taught me to love more, care less and to be happy.

See I have been married for quite awhile now. I have made a ton of mistakes that hurt my marriage. I have failed my family many of a time, too much. I let my wife down more times than I want to look back upon, but I do. Everyday, why? To know that I can overcome the mistakes, to learn from those mistakes and carry my guilt with me as a reminder that I am not perfect but I should never stop striving to be. My wife has taught me what it is to love and not expect. My daughter has taught me to love with all the innocence I can muster and to not be afraid to show the world that I can and do love. Who cares what others think if I cannot provide happiness to those I love. My daughter looks me in the eyes and doesn’t see my mistakes but sees my trying, loving heart.

I have 3 wonderful, strong boys. When my wife and I had them, we thought we were complete, but we did not know that our life would need something. We were missing that last piece of the puzzle. Our beautiful little girl would come into our lives on May 4th, 2008. She brought with her all the love one man could muster for his family.

Today, my daughter has made me a better man by just being her beautiful, innocent self. I have learned from her the way I should love her, my sons, and most of all, my wife. When she grabs my hand, I feel from her all of her fears melt away. I know that I can protect her from pain, hurt, or lies but I will do whatever it takes to do my damnedest.

I can now be the reflection of a man that I need to be for my sons. I can now show them that a man must learn patience. I can show them that I can soften my tough exterior for such soft moments in life. I can now show them that I can let a tear roll down my check for the pain in the world. I can show them what the world needs from a man. In turn, they show me that no matter what; a man is not defined by his mistakes but by his love.   Love to make the tough decisions that will hurt him but save his family.

I love my wife more today than I have ever have even despite all the pain we have caused each other by being young and dumb. We were babies trying to raise babies. In this world, there is no harder mission than to educate young children when you yourself are trying to still learn all of the ways of the world. I would give up anything, everything for my wife. She brought my meaning into this world and no matter the wrong we have done to one another, I will do for her anything.

I am not the new man, no. I am being the man that my family needs me to be. Today, too many times we try to remain hard, cold and tough to be a man. But, because of my daughter, I have learned that to be a man you must soften. You must bend. You must love.

Because of my daughter, I have learned to love. Because of my family, I have learned to be a man.


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