Nothingman….. If you have never heard this depressing, but true song from a favorite band of mine, Pearl Jam, I suggest that you do. Let me share with you the very poetic lyrics that Eddie Vedder wrote:

Once divided
Nothing left to subtract
Some words when spoken
Can’t be taken back
Walks on his own
With thoughts he can’t help thinking
Future’s above
But in the past he’s slow and sinking
Caught a bolt of lightning
Cursed the day he let it go
Isn’t it something?
She, once, believed
In every story he had to tell
One day she stiffened
Took the other side
Empty stares
From each corner of a shared prison cell
One just escapes
One’s left inside the well
And he who forgets
Will be destined to remember
Isn’t it something?
Oh, she don’t want him (she don’t want him)
Oh, she won’t feed him
After he’s flown away
Oh, into the sun
Yeah, into the sun
Burn (burn), burn, burn
Isn’t it something?
Coulda been something

So what is a Nothingman? The song on the surface is about a couple who appears that their relationship is cold and ended, that he has turned away from his devotion to the relationship and together they have fallen to the wayside of love. Instead of building each other up, they have fallen apart. They stay with one another even though the love isn’t there.

But, is this song really about a relationship or is it about losing the lust for the one thing that makes us who we are. The one thing we think we desire and strive to be, not working out.

I have been a fool for many years and that fool has failed at many things. It took too long for the fool to realize what he really wanted, what really defined who he is. In time, he found his footing…he found what he desired, what he strived to have characterize him. It took too long. Now it’s gone. And he is nothing.

Take nothing for granted. Celebrate the little things in life. What is life? It’s not your job, it’s not your wallet, and it’s not your faith. Life is your passion. It is the love you spread, the humility you share. Life is the small smile you pass on to another. Life is the simple moments stared up into the sky. Life is not worry, life is love. Never give that away for mere mortal things. Love is immortal, with it we are immortal.

What difference does it all make? You make all the sacrifices, but how much difference will it all make? At the end of your days, what will define you? What makes you the Nothingman.

As always, stay in love.

GT Zinn


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