My Inspiration, My Muse

So I am here to write a little about inspiration. I am here to express to you my muse.

First my inspiration consists of many different things. I am an individual that loves to feel. I love the emotion when it overwhelms you. When it feels you to the point of overflowing out every pore of your body. When you feel it flowing through your blood, engulfing everything you are at that moment. I love it. To watch a movie, to see a scene where an actor nails the part, feeds me. To read a book where the author enriches your soul with such sentiment from their words, fuels me. To listen to a song where the singer, the music, the moment and the listener connects in a perfect balance of danger and passion, entices me.

One of my inspirations has to be Pearl Jam. I love the music. I love the passion and intelligence that Eddie Vedder poured into his lyrics and how the music enwraps itself with it. Watching Eddie perform is probably like watching life be born. He exposes himself to us with raw brilliance. A man standing in front of the world and not afraid to share his hopes, fears, loves. I am not ashamed to feel because of Eddie. I am not afraid to expose because of Pearl Jam.

Another one of my inspirations is Tupac Shakur. The man did for rap what Pearl Jam did for alternative rock. He stood up in front of a crowd and said “this is who I am, a man, I love, I hate, I hurt, accept me”. I love it. He truly was an artist. Not just a rapper. We lost a good one when he left us. His mind was far and beyond his time. The man loved music. Many people would never know that one of Tupac’s favorite songs ever was Vincent by Don McLean. Yeah. Let that sink in. Not what you were expecting. Tupac had produced songs for Madonna and Alanis Morissette. The man truly was a genius.

I am inspired by love, life, death, hurt, hate, passion, creativity and humanity. Like I said, I love to feel. Not just sadness, although I love depression, but overall I love to feel the human element of the world. We can be such confusing creatures. I don’t know whether at times to love humanity or hate it. I am perplexed that with the same hand we give food, we can take it away. I am astounded that with the same breath we can whisper sweet devotions but also lie through our teeth. I will never understand humans partially because I am one of them and don’t want to be.

To my muse, you know who you are and what you do to me. May your road always be paved and your travels be quick. To quote Eddie Vedder “I know some day you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star in someone else’s sky, but why can’t it be mine?”

Be not afraid to feel but be afraid to never feel again.

GT Zinn


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