Tips to living a happy life.

Tips to living a happy life…

When life starts to get hard….when it starts to get you down….when you feel like you can’t even hold up your head, let alone the sky… these things:

Breathe….Smile.  Stick your chest out, chin up.  Keep your head up.  Take the first step.  Then the next.  Stop.  Don’t look back, go forward.  The past is back there.  It is not going anywhere….You are.  Smile.  Smile.  Laugh.  Love.  Live.  Dance.  Sing.  Forgive.  Never hold onto grudges.  Never trust too easily.  Make people earn your affection.  Share a funny story.  Listen.  Listen more than you speak.  People will tell you what they really want if you just listen.  Be patient.  Give more than you take.  Give and don’t keep up with how much you give.  Don’t compare lives.  You are your own, and you can never walk in their shoes just like they can never walk in yours.  Be patient.  Again.  Smile.  Again.  Find time to cry.  It’s refreshing.  Talk.  Talk about your dreams.  Share your story.  Movies are not real life….real life is not a movie…no one is perfect.  Smile.  Again.  Laugh all the time.  Hug.  Kiss.  And smile.  Be an ear for someone in need.  Don’t judge.  Wait for everything.  Don’t just jump into anything.  But don’t wait too long that you miss the best things in life.  Find balance.  Never too high…never too low.  Believe.  Smile.  And laugh.  Look at things as if you have never seen them before.  Take nothing for granted.  Every second is a gift.  Don’t miss out waiting for heaven when heaven is around you.  Hold the ones you love.  Never make promises you can’t keep.  Never hold a broken promise over someone’s head.  Forgive.  Be happy.  Smile.  All the time.  Exercise more….even your mind.  Read.  Write.  Paint.  Draw.  Be artistic.  It’s inside everyone of us.  Stare into someone’s eyes.  Wipe someone’s tears.  Wipe yours.  Never try too hard for affection.  Never try for the wrong affection.  Dream.  Take a dare.  Live your life as tomorrow will never come.  Breathe.  Smile.  Desire less.  Look in the mirror.  Reflect.  Correct.  Learn to love yourself without makeup, cause there is someone out there who does.  See your worth and your beauty.  Know that we are all individuals.  You can never be replaced.  Smile.  Feel.  Love.  Learn.  And remember….Someone loves you.

GT Zinn


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