The Mind Ramblings of a Mad Man

A man stands alone…

A man is not a man….

Alone, he is nothing. The stars cannot shine without the sky. And he cannot be what he needs to be without her. She is his everything. She thinks that he does not see her as equal, she is right. He sees her as better. She is the reason he does everything. She is the reason he succeeds. A man stands alone….A man is not a man.

Discover the happiness within. Find the peace that you seek, because no one can tell you what comforts you but yourself. He knows what he would love to have. Sometimes letting go is all you can do. But he is never far. He will always have hope. He will always wait. One day, she will see. No one has caused more harm. But no one will cause so much joy. He will let go.

Dance within the rain. Find your footing. Never fear to slip. Never fear to fall. Fear to never get up. Dance within the rain and enjoy. Enjoy the little things in life. Give love. And it will return to you. So he loves and waits. He is not perfect. He has failed. But even by her own admission, no one has been there more than him. It’s ok. Dance within the rain.

Why is it so hard to love. Why is it so hard to let go. He doesn’t ask. He states. He knows there is no answer. He knows, he never will know. It’s ok. Let the wind blow. Let the breeze carry the dreams. Let it carry her. He loves her. So he let’s go.

Warm yourself by the fire. She is cold. She is frozen. Stand by the fire and let him know. It’s ok. Love lasts past the last breath.

A man is not a man….Not today.


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