Dear John letter to SC

Dear South Carolina,

I am leaving you. Don’t get me wrong, I love you like no other. You have been my home off and on for many years. I love your seasons, your bipolar weird winter storms when it should be getting warm, your mountains, your beaches, your southern hospitality and of course my Carolina Panthers.

I leave you now to head south for an opportunity like no other. To warm weather all year, beaches, sunsets, palm trees, and the breeze. Although this is quite an upgrade over what you offered me and it will be a huge change in everything. I will be able to recreate myself and not be held down by my past. I will be able to work past my regrets and forgive myself for my mistakes.

I will always love you South Carolina. You have given me so much. You will always be in my thoughts. At the end of the day my heart is with you. I deserve better. Florida is offering me hope for the first time. Florida is saying, “I will not judge you”. I wish I could bring you with me South Carolina, but states don’t travel.

We have had a lot of good times. We laughed, we loved, we danced, we partied, we dreamed, we lived, we were. I leave you knowing that you have many issues that you must work out. You have many things you will not let go from the past. I know that you are quick to anger and quicker to action. Please find peace. Please calm the rages that you have internally. The hate you have. The segregation that still exists.

I know Florida has it’s faults too, but I walk with my head held high and hope that I can make the best of this for myself and my family.

I thank you for having me. I will return for visits, but my home is now somewhere else.

May the sunsets be pleasant for you always.

Yours Truly,
GT Zinn


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