Growth. We all get older but not all of us really grow. We all learn along the way but not everyone applies the lessons they have learned in their lives. Some of us just take time to figure this journey called life out. We will never fully understand it but it doesn’t mean you should not always work to better every aspect of your life.

We rush through life without ever really stopping and reflecting. We assume the worst of those around us without ever really considering that we allow the pain and hurt into our lives. That we give our happiness to others that have not fully earned our trust.

So should we shut ourselves off to the world being spiteful? No. We should learn to balance ourselves and our inner turmoil. We should learn patience and forgiveness.

I spoke with a friend today to help with an issue that they were facing. They trust too quickly and over expose themselves trying to create a great and close relationship. My advice is this; balance yourself and give just enough to learn. Not every relationship is the same. Make people earn your friendship as you attempt to earn their friendship.

I am a writer.  I have been for most of my life. But I had always wrote for only myself. It was for me to express my inner demons and my struggles. A way to speak without saying a word. A way to reflect upon my life. I was being selfish.

I was holding inside something that someone without my gift could not express. I was keeping from others a way for us as humans to connect with. All of this because I was afraid of how I would be perceived by those around me.

I apologize to all of you and hope that someone out there reads my poems, stories, novels, and thoughts and it helps them as it has helped me.

Life is about growth. Growing means learning and applying. It’s about loving and not hating. Life is growing. Whether you just grow old or grow into greatness. It’s growth.

GT Zinn


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