When Will One Find Peace?

I don’t know what it was I did
I don’t know what it was I did
It rains inside my mind, I’m lost
I’m lost, where did my sun go
Why am I left in this ocean, drowning
Drowning deeper never knowing now
How I lost you
How I lost you

Where did the rain come from
Where did the rain fall from
I was dry, dancing in the sun
Soaking in the love and the fun
Now I’m lost crying in the rain
Is the reality my new life
How did I get lost
How did I get lost

Everyone sees it all but me
Where did you go to
When did I lose you
Why did I fall apart
I can’t find my heart
Is there ever a break
In this pouring storm?
Is this my pouring storm?

Wings outstretched towards the sky
She’s flown away, was life a lie
Imagine that what was was never
Contemplate the reality is fictional
Eyes leak to the truth of what is
Mouths scream silently to what was
Will I find peace
Will I find peace

Search, they say and you’ll seek
Sand dropping will find me meek
I don’t accept the silence
But I have become the sound
Of nothingness
I’m solitary.
What went wrong
Just how long?


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