Untitled Poem

They say what others say or do, yeah it shouldn’t hurt
My heart on my sleeve?  It’s my whole fucking shirt
Happiness should never be at the expense of another’s
Should take the time to find yourself, not a new lover

Her mirror is just an open window, dirt collected on it
Can’t reflect on herself, only starts the shit
Let go of the past before you become it, head towards the future
Even though that might just mean that you have to lose her

She’s already gone in her soul, hurricane that’s destroyed
Everyone she’s ever loved or cared or she’s worried
Flood out all those around even though some do love
Devastate us as we cower from your power up above

Forget me not, through it all, I still stand by your side
Through pain, through hurt, through love and lies
Some of them you and I cannot dare to hide
It’s not all your blame, I have caused my own why’s


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