Letter to My Cefnfor – long overdue

To my Cefnfor,

I never got to know you and this letter is overdue
I just wanted to tell you, that I am missing you
To think of what you could have been, if fate had not gone
The path it did. You and I will always be made of one
It was not our choice but a god’s cruel joke
Think of how it happened that day and I begin to choke
One that none should have to ever choose
Was bestowed upon me, either way I knew I’d lose
My Cefnfor wash me clean, in your waves of mystery
Poor decision afterwards has played in my mind constantly
Choose either path, and someone will get hurt
Lose a love known or one that won’t be birthed
My Cefnfor I hope to one day join your side
My pain I hold onto forever more, I shall hide
Unknown you are to this world and that’s my sin
I bare it all for the Awyr who is now distant
Your strength held on and fought on through
It was all on my shoulders, not known to do
Forgive all that were involved, it’s my blame
Holding the ocean though, is just not sane


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