Broken and lost (when I find you)

What I have done to lose you
Confusion, wake and I can’t find you
I hear you and I abide by you
Feel you but are you really true
I remember a time when I define
Who I was based on you, remind
Myself no more, what I am looking for
Piece of you I gave, more and more
At least 6 separate ways
Now I’m standing in grave blinded by a haze
I’m looking for you. I’m seeking true
Beat for me to find my just due
Sold you long ago thought I’d tape you back together
Broken as you are just thought you’d toughen like leather
They say you are our true path, a way to get into heaven
But blackened you are like the linen on a reverend
But are you that little strip of white
In decent, Dante’s little hope of right
Well I have lost you. Gave too much away
Too far from home I let you stray
Inside this chest it’s all useless
And I’m just used less. You yes
Have left me because of my mistreatment
What’s good they say you’ll never keep it
So how to repair what I can’t find
There is really no amount of time
To give me some state of mind
To forgive myself for what I cosign
Pieces of you should just go with
Those I gave you to and just if
We ever find ourselves back in one place
This empty spot I hope you would someday replace.
My heart.


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