Fear me not as I come to you in the dawn
Straight unto you like you left me
As cold as the last one’s been, I’m here now
For another suffering you can feel deep down
Whether upon that wood you truly belong
Does not matter about that right or that wrong
If miracles are needed you will not find hope
And for a moment I lose myself
Crashing back to earth and back to hell
Alone the vision haunts me worse it seems
That my desire is my only sense of being
Clash of metal upon metal, sparks fly
Distance sky you dance upon forgetting
All that was and what could have been
I bare to this world my broken-hearted sin
Same ol place I left you, you were there
Upon my return giving me your share
And if I ever kick away from this desire
I hope the fire I start burns down this town
And leaves the ashes, a hopeless reminder
Of who we once were
And who we will return.


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