It was a cold, cold day as I sit and seek a new room
In which to share my joys of my lost love named June
First I believe in the deceit, second to none alone I weep
I hear a voice softly say, “Serve me up, my love. Serve away”
It faintly echoes on the big clear sky. A place we would sit to watch stars die
The desert wind softly blew her hair. Desperately I try to compare.
Was not for Moonstone that I remember. Juno’s jealous and her temper.
“Cry not my darling, for I leave this place.
With hope in my heart and a smile on my face.”
Lasting words haunt me still. In the dead of night I walked for thrill.
I walked for hope, so early on. I failed you June, but I still brought you home.
I offer my heart, my dear Carna. Protect it from the flames of hell
The salty rain covers my face, when solitude is my friend, my fate
Manufactured pleasure never lasts. Desired effects of our past
Oh my sweet, sweet June. Allow all who you loved to consume
Some beans and such a sweet bacon
Volunteer my sacrifice for your making.
As we lay unto the plush bluegrass, my loyalty is all I ask
Return me unto the salty sea. Wash me in the sand of time
Caress my hand as we lie, happiness we seek and find
For the 14th ecliptic, we resonate the tide of separation
Flames need no igniter, just my demonstration.
Gaia’s laugh still haunts me. Juno’s watchful eye
She’s been guilty of her lie. Devise a scheme, free from the seam
The beginning was never what we had in mind
Rest now Didius Julianus, the song of nine has done
In a moment’s time, Carna’s fate has only begun
Reminiscent of long conversations before the current situation


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