My Fear of Arrows – part 1

I fear I’ve fallen deep into the mind of mad
The conversations that led to much laughter had
We would sing for spring, but it was ghosts and ghouls
Reminiscent of the lost gaze into each other’s souls
Feel me deep into your abyss and just sedate
For I just plead to be used, but you can relate
Laughter, for none rival your fashion
Nightly whispers could not contain your passion
Memories are where I must remain and reside
My fear of arrows past is why I confide
Can a garden we grow if we must be forced to hide?
No one truly stares at the moon to dream of the farside
The scales weighed heavily starring into the mirrored me
For the intrusion of a ring of two, my sincerity
Clouds never seem to rain when you plead
But pours at a moment of desperate need
Please brush aside the blonde in your face
And remove the arrow that has quickly been misplaced.


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