My Fear of Hurricanes – Part 2

Warm water, Warm water I am quietly wading in
Turn, turn, turn my world with wind
Pressure all around, tear me down
Pressure all around, curse is bound

It seems the salty rain is here again
Pick me up, silent sound that’s deafin’
Dream of the peace as the storm picks up
Tear me down, ravish me with your love

And the sun peaks out, see the peace
Always after the harshest of disease
Dance in rays, dance your cares away
Quickly return to shelter as the trees sway

Stick with me awhile, you sweet storm
Afraid I am, allow the terror to swarm
Thought you were an angel in descent
You really were an evil spirit of the wind

Ocean created walls for me to cower
The sky created a storm to devour
All I am and ever will become
But I held on, storm, I won


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