The Shadow Past

He glances around, no sound coming from a room of gloom
He drowns himself in waters too deep, let booze seep
No sleep. I swear it’s only in your head
But instead, regret what can’t be said

She dances upon the shades, shadow fades. Shadow fades
Wade within the water of self pity. All left, what stayed
Burrow down deeper, the thrill you get, swallow down the feel
All for a pill that provides only illusion not what’s real

A shame what we do, it’s the same everywhere you flee
So know, you can run from your past. No matter how fast
You can’t escape. It’s behind you, you’ll see
With that thought, today we just gonna bask

He doesn’t seem that lonely, it’s all in the mind
What we hope is all that he’ll go out and find
Such a sad sight as she remains dancing in the flames
Of a lie she invented and now no hope for the rains


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