Beguiled by Buisness – Tale of Two Men

Long, dark night hovered ’round the window late
Engulfing the vibe that was hidden inside, pleasure, a great debate
“Is it fate?” One man asked
The other replied with an answer at last
“We have seen the scores and scores of wars upon our youth
Without an end we still seek thru the Truth”
Both sat in thought and some in remorse
A pleasant evening has now changed it’s course
The Zanni starred ahead. Deep in a self-conscience of unaware
While the baron rubbed his hair, rocking lonely in his chair
Storm begin upon the hillside and the night silence was broken with delight
For a smile parted the baron’s face. He’d found a way from the blight
He spoke in hush to the Zanni, “For my friend, here we sit.
Born amongst these pits. But for our tell it is has not heard
Now entertain me with your soft word”
The Zanni smiled because he knew what the baron did conclude
Upon the countryside they would reside
And leave the town with no abide
The storm raged on, but it was daylight
In the village square was the frozen fright
Men who created their own abstract
The Zanni he did bewilder and perplex
And the baron will rob, while more complex


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