I hate you and there’s no other way to say it
Spin it the way you want, it’s no understatement
Complacent I have become in where my place is
Faces normally a 2, but I see through you, places
Hand on over my eye, you lie, I decry
Wondering how you ever made it and why
Swallow down that pride you try to hide
Divide is your insides, nowhere to confide
You carry the boulder well, hell
You been there too, soul you did sell, cell
I’ve been starring in your eyes, all I see is hate
I’m hoping that one day you will go and meet your fate
And afterwards maybe you’ll get a better view
On your selfish ass and what you been thru
Forced tears down my cheeks too many times
I swear in your mind, you claim the divine
How can you be holy
Soul is just wholly
Rotten. Diseased you are, far from the star
You claim to be. Heart’s locked behind a bar
Stowed away in box full of everything evil
Worthless piece of shit, no one believed you
Screaming wolf, screaming wolf hope to be saved
But your insides are twisted and concave
Blame everyone but yourself for your health
Point the finger, but you should point out yourself
Wouldn’t you rather be a life in poverty
Than live a lie and be someone’s property
A fucking embarrassment to what you should become
And as I stare at this mirror and wonder if I’ll succumb….


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