Atlas and the Weight

Go ahead kick him while he’s down
What’s with the frown, cause he bound
To new heights against your delight
A boy who knows nothing but to fight
Struggle only because you placed the chains
Around his waist, the blood it stains
But he was able to remove the bond
That constricts him, free to respond
Weight on his shoulders but he won’t shudder
Cause this boulder won’t cause him to stutter
His step one bit. Shit, he’s been thru hell
And back, still he’ll rise not slack, well
He’s free from his cell able to succeed
Nothing you can do can stop him from his deed
To go all out and achieve. He’s freed
Bet that makes you all pissed, you’re peed
Flushed, slush mouth won’t dissuade him
Keep speaking negative, watch him win
He works at this, his own worst critic
He’ll tell himself before you will quip it
No remorse for the scores of time
You just mimed your way thru, fine
Don’t worry he won’t scurry from fate
Grab it by the short ones and sedate
Wait, won’t be long before he’s on top
So stop, lean on him cause he’ll never flop
He’s solid as the rock perched upon his back
He knows nothing but to win, that’s just a fact


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