Just a Sea of See

I awake to another day
Another way to make a mistake
Am I ok? Do I really feel this way?
The power is over influential
Causing me to drown, does anyone around
Hear me screaming, it’s seeming I’m alone
Scorned and honed in on justice
Will I ever love this?
My life I mean, just another lost fiend
Deemed to be forever severed
From the word called success
This world’s quite a mess
Dear mama, why did you even have
Lavish dreams of me achieving some
Level of happiness, it doesn’t seem me
Scene seen obscene to unclean sea
Of lost bastards trying to find hope
Ever question why it’s called dope
Will we ever find our way
Constantly away from those that stay
Stray back to sea of seeing wrong
Blamed too many times, over-drawn
Drowned down below the level of hell
I’m a shell of the man I should be, well
I’m a hatred deep inside of you and me
I’m just a sea of see and we don’t see….
Just a sea of see


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