Dear Self

Dear self,

I am writing you some words of wisdom
To give yourself some strength and patience
Remember that happiness is your kingdom
And your determination is what makes us

Look upon yourself at your weakest
And know that hell is now beneath us
For above, the heavens they flourish
Just let nothing go and deter us

For some will become such a satellite
Here for a time, but will not stay
Try as you will, but despite your might
For they will flee, heart ran away

Do not mourn but go and reflect
And do not think when they return
That the situation will be different yet
For their sickness is not your concern

Remember the beauty in all of life
And read these words when you face it’s strife
For I will be always by you side
Do what you can to remain alive

Respect all those around, embrace your health
But most of all, learn to love yourself

Sincerely yours,


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