Lost Lil Girl

You are lost. Look at what you have become
Hard to glance back at me with the hurt you have done
Hopeless. Seems to me what you are now
But I still believe that you can find yourself somehow
Silence. Why do you not respond back to me?
I’m just a lil girl who wants out of this misery
Infectious. Can you feel it running through your veins?
Blacking out on what you used to swallow just to erase some pain
Indifferent. Is what we have now to look forward too
Our choices left us far apart but I’m still deep inside you
Tracks. And not to lead us to those brighter days
But places we have ingested hate just to keep us in a play
Distressful. To all those who cross our path
Clock is ticking, sand is dripping. How much do we have left
Hopeless. Is the feeling we are engulf into our stream
But you can still become me. It’s not as difficult as it may seem
Tears. Streak our face and stain our grace, is there no hope for grace?
I’m still that girl that you once was but you have laid us done to waste.
Sunshine. To feel her warm sweet ray
Please help me find myself. Has to be a way.

GT Zinn


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