I’m trying to give you a little true
A little too blunt to get you through
Someone watching always what I do
But after everything I’ve been through
I got nothing to give
Just go on, get off and live
Sin, been there before
Enough to make my soul sore
So now I speak it, I love it
Always give it to you at least 100

I made mistakes, yes I screwed up
Been through the ringer, times fucked
Always got up and headed out on my way
Cause a man is failure if he ever stay
In the same place for a number of times
Took a minute for me to get it in my mind
I won’t lie cause I always had hope
Who’d thought here I am being just a dope
So now I speak it and I love it
Always here to give to you 100

Picture the drama that karma couldn’t catch
Caught up in a nightmare where I never slept
But in the end I do believe
The wrong you do comes back to leave
You in a worse spot than you tried to ditch me
Bit in the ass, now I live life simply
Dreaming of a new and better tomorrow
Sorry that you have dealt with some sorrow
But it’s your choice and you wanted it
So I’m here to give it to you just 100

Picture a picture of a soul so small crying tears
Picture a picture of a soul crying it for years
Now picture me painting a different picture, try
With a new sun for the new sky
No wonder what I have done I have learned
How to tear down what was and burned
To the ground everything around, time for a new
Never too late to rebuild something that’s true
I see why some can never be trusted
But I’ll always give it to you at least 100

I’ve made mistakes that could have cost
My life and all those dear to me but never lost
One bit of myself as each day I grew up
Meanwhile, it seems some will always stay stuck
In a lane that leads only to hopeless pain
Try to figure out but that only lead to the insane
So never sleep when you should be up awake
And never look past the choice that was a mistake
That’s words to live be and I love it
Always here to give it to you at least 100

Imagine if I only gave you 50
And tried to keep the other half with me
Would it help you on your endeavor
Or would it cause us to go and sever
Seems a shame to go out and just complain
About everyone else but never take a blame
All it really takes is love and a little work
To bring you some peace and some comfort
But you would rather destroy than build it
That’s why I’ll just sit and keep it 100

People wanna lock me up cause my sleeve is my heart
So if the tears fall for the end, they fall from the start
Reflections tend to cause me some discretion
My new weapon is smiling back at me, help him
All I hear is the same fucking message
Scribbles upon a paper the same lessons
Will they ever be learnt
Let’s just hope he’s got it this time adjourned
Give you a piece of me, will you all love it?
For my people I will always keep it 100

Now a disease eats at my spleen
Out the darkness comes this new type of fiend
Raped from the world of which we thought we knew
Vile spilled from a mouth which wasn’t true
If I could only dissect what’s in your head
Would it help me out or bury me instead
Happiness is found from within
To believe I ever gave you my first sin
So take that from me and you know you want it
At times I tried way too hard to keep it at 100

The sand drops nearer until you are home
Forever together we are I hope you will know
A bond of two we had so tight
Took a demon between us to cause a divide
I watched you grow in such a short time
Only to see you cage yourself in a mine
Freed somehow but pay you must
For the damage you caused all of us
When you get back home, stay above it
Brother I hope you always keep it at 100

Fourth of me has been opened
Keep you close for I am hoping
Beauty is found past the point of flesh
Such a short time our cause seems to mesh
Glisten on you soulful diamonds
Sitting far away, you always are reminding
Of something I could be or might contain
You have my heart as well as my brain
For you it seems that I may have gone and lost it
Promised you one night that I’d always keep it at 100


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