Fly on the Wall

Fly on the wall watching all the hate demonstrate
From ignorant minds while others contemplate
A way to battle back but it seems the same
Build a bigger wall here to block out all is insane
But that’s just the name of this game

Fly on the wall watching all this confusion
Who do we blame for our own delusion?
Why is this happening, why the intrusion
Do we feel like we are part of the inclusion
Some how ask ourselves, what the hell we doin’

Fly on the wall and I’m sick of what I’m seeing
Deceiving one another, what happened to humans just being
For one another, love for all the mothers
Watching their sons leave and not coming back like others
Lovers so quick to lie and lie down with another, what’s trust?
What the fuck has gotten into us, shaking my head in disgust
We act distinguished
Look down upon all the anguished
What happened to empathy
Did we forget simplicity
Humans who forgot
How to love a lot
Mother fuckers rot, no appall
Just another fly on the fuckin’ wall


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