Where Is Satan Hiding

Please pull up a chair to discuss this rust
Applied to the system we call a must
Lust, seems a lil more important than need
A world where we seem to be punished doing a good deed
Fuck honesty, am I right?

So illuminate my mind, please rewind
See a lil piece of history, we’d find
That the same shit happen
This is just not a fashion
Give away to fascist might

Blame on all sides but what hides
Somewhere in the middle is the lives
Of the innocent, why did being decent
Become such a foul term of such recent
When did being good become a fight?

To stroke the fire on both sides
We hide behind imaginary lines
What’s different must not be correct
What ever happened to cause this defect?
When did hate become a delight?

So wish this wish that we all find peace
Just this wish we erase this disease
I look around and see this atrophy
Eating away our blessed society
What’s right seems to become now trite


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