Darkness, all around me can’t seem to see
Darkness, just lost trying to find me
Darkness, where the hell could I even be
Darkness, feeling lost constantly
Friends and family wish I would just find my path
Is it insane that I can’t remember how to laugh
Feeling like I’m just now stuck in the mud
Wondering why I am just too tough to care or love
Nothing but blackness when I look above
Nothing but hell when I look down below
Is this scarred thing really my soul
How the hell did I get deep in this hole
Parents can’t save me, why they place me here
Friends, friends parted ways some way back there
Who cares? Nothing but that darkness surrounds
Whose there? Will my life ever be found?
Want to shrug this blame on someone’s shoulders
I didn’t do a damn thing why did I become it’s holder
I seem to get everyone’s darkness
How did I get to become this worthless
Alone, alone I scream but it seems I’m all alone
So far from my home I received everyone’s stone
Future is nothing but black, stuck and rusted
No one around and I guess I won’t be fussed with
So I stand alone stuck in this shadow
No one around to tell me how to
So this darkness becomes my only friend
So this lifestyle becomes my deepened sin
No family, no friends, nothing but black
Last thing I heard was them saying ‘come back’
But I believe they abandoned me on my path
And darkness surrounded me, how could I last
Just when I think I can’t go on, I open my eyes
All around me are my friends, my family, free from my lies.


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