What I Believe

I believe in peace
A smile a day can change the way
Someone might respond with a pleasant say
That could be a difference in a display
A cease to someone else’s dismay

I believe in love
Never hold back a feeling of hope
It could be a warm hug to help one cope
The power of words can cause one to mope
But also help to stop one’s downside slope

I believe in laughter
A joke will help one thru the pain
A hurtful act that left a stain
On her heart, wish to free her brain
And help her break that disgusting chain

I believe in mistakes
Lessons learned from our choices
Anger at times hidden in our voices
Uplift ourselves thru tough courses
And lead us away from those marked pointless

I believe in us
To overcome this world of hate
To allow us to see past our constant debate
Look around, we can change this sad state
Happiness can become all our fate

I believe.

GT Zinn


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