Denounce (Black Kettle)

Take a quick trip and stare at a mirror
Zero in on that attitude that put you here
Hear all the tears from those you left behind?
Let us know if you ever really go out and find
What you are looking for? New drug to score?
Let us know if your soul is ever really sore
There’s the door, now please use it and lose
Us in return, no discern from here, no abuse
Freedom we found it’s the sound of happiness
So pass your blame and see if we care less
Follow the track, it’ll all lead to what you lack
Your mouth opens, like the kettle calling pot black

I’ma denounce you

Open up and you claim all that you lost
Act like it was stolen, head swollen boss?
Quit with that. Your decision, so stop
Can’t be clean until your body drop
Upset because I decided to just let you bounce?
Or are you mad because I call you out, denounce?
My hearts alright, soul bright, mind right
Need to check the hole in your chest, might
Open your eye to realize what the damage is
Hate to be the one to come on and handle this
Fuck me? nah fuck you for all the damages
Maybe they’ll grow up without those bandages
Covering up so much of what you handed them
But will have gained so much rather than
Be another statistic like their parent is
Evil you tried to steal their innocence

I’ma denounce you


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