Lights Glow off the Dark Road

Road to ruin
Everything we been through
All the lying, denying, and screwing
What could we really do?
Carry on that road to ruin
Ever ask yourself what you are doin’?

Lights glistening, nights of listening
Dismissing the facts
Denying the tracks
That led us to this path
Upon this road to ruin
Add it up, how long like this can you last
It all ends, it’s simple math
Desperate dreams of a clean scene
Don’t seem to be your future
Legs never rest, you are never still
Cause you can’t outrun your past on a treadmill
More vile, in denial is your style, you consume
Claim this road to ruin is savior but I say it’s doom

Lights glisten off the dark highway
False words to deter my advance
But this path you are on isn’t happenstance
Tell em all what you please
Those lies will become your disease
And you’ll bleed those poppy tears
Cried wolf so much, no one hears
Does your tongue burn from all you spurned?
Do your eyes tear for a fear of not having me or poppy?
Black tar caused a scar, made you sloppy
Does your nose itch?
Off the road stuck in that ditch
Do those bars seem real
Or in your mind do you refuse to reveal
Are you even aware of what you are doin’
On your dark path to a ruin?

GT Zinn


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