Resurrection (33 Part II)

As I lay back and stare
With the dramatics of her flair
It seems silly to be on the defense
Can I make it if I repent
Part of me was crucified
But I made it thru those who lied

33 was a big year
33 meant I would fear
33, past will sere
33, glad you are here

I lost so much of yourself
Time for me to go and delve
Deep for the peace I seek
Deep within pass all the bleak
I see the clouds are now parting
And a big blue sky erases my disheartening

33 was quite a time
33 changed my mind
33 I found a way to cope
33 I found a new hope

The blonde curls surround my home
The big blue eyes melt my heart of stone
The future for once isn’t scary
My sight for now isn’t blurry
Love has now become my new vision
For I was dead, buried and now I have risen


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