Her thoughts seem insurmountable
Damage her self-esteem, seeing future as redoubtable
A formidable opponent, leaving you hurt with no worth
Believe me baby I see it, just takes a lil work
No sweat slipping down from her brow
She seems to carry herself very well
Look deeper in her eyes and then you will realize
This lil girl is hurting from the lies
If only she could overcome
Instead of giving up and succumb
To all the dumb men who ever hurt her more than once
It’ll take years not just a few months
To get over that boulder she carries on her shoulder
And to think I sit here and shudder
Whenever I have to see her beauty denied
I know she’s hurting worse than she’d ever confide
Well that’s fine, sweetie I know one day you’ll find
Someone who will lift you up to the sky
Put you on a pedestal, cause every woman deserves to be held high
Will she question why when I whisper in ear
How beautiful she is how I hold her dear
Will she just accept or will she not know how to react
Will she question if I’m just putting on an act
So many questions so much pain and constraint
But every time I reminiscence I just wanna acquaint
Dark days fade away, blue skies remain
Them blue eyes I swear drive me insane
Beauty reflected more than just your frame
After that fades, your heart is what remains
She returns a simple grin
And in that moment I hope it’s lifted all that sin
She was placed in, for there is an escape from hell
Heaven is the place from which she fell
“I may not be perfect but believe me it’s worth it
We’ll make a paradise all because you deserve it”
After hearing me say this, her worries dispelled
And she knew in my hands is where her heart was held


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