Battleground Playground

Sitting on the swing set wondering where we went
Sitting here in repent, help me out this descent
So many eyes on me trying to see what I been through
Too busy to wait, gonna outfox fate, turn on cartoons
Mama why am I not enough to you
Someone stop the shaking, dad running into the room
Just watch an arm dangle down eyes rolled back
Trying to figure out if we are under attack
What did I lack?
What are you gonna make me?
So much disdain built up in my lungs to scream it out
Fuck your love!
Was I never enough?
Seems to me the problem is your stuff
So why point the finger that should be pointed at you
Some days I remember better times, sit rewind
And then the rain comes pouring down in my mind
Run for shelter
Dad can’t help ya
And don’t look to me to be your grace
You are the one that put you in that place
As I teeter around
Hope not to hit the ground
Diseased in the brain do you hear that insane babble
If I ever make it out this life and out this rabble
Everybody better relax with talk about relapse
It’s already dessert
What’s my worth
Maybe this sandbox has become just happenstance
Tell me stories and ask me to create a lie
For the sake of you but I have to know a simple why
Bruises on your body seem a lil untrue
But my story is what you need, false prove
That was the day innocence was lost
As I’m trapped alone in this sandbox


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