Chasing Immortality

Seems always a step behind

Or maybe I’m just a little out of my mind

Tell me where I can go and just find

A little peace, chasing immortality got me in a bind

These hills seem steep

Watch me climb them with ease, no sleep

As thoughts of me seem to seep

Deep into your thoughts, I rock

And keep relevant inside and lock

Down my status, need no apparatus

To prove what’s real about us

I demand a certain level of respect

As you attempt to climb inside my mind to dissect

Would you remember me after I fade away

Or would thoughts of me eventually stray

Want nothing more than to live forever immortal

Many years after they cover me deep in the dirt in that hole

Would you still cry for me after I’m long gone

Would you reminisce over a sad song?

All along, how many would miss me when I flee

To fly far away from this earthly body

Would you wake up every morning tears falling cause I went astray

Would that be enough for me to live forever in immortality?

Could I convince myself of all the lies even after I stare into your blue eyes

Would I realize, that life is more than being remembered after it all dies


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