Constant Contemplate

Lay back stare up towards the sky
Hair a mess but I confess
That my dear is when you look your best
Can’t explain it, don’t ask me why

Just lay back there close your eyes
You won’t wonder where I’m at, between thighs
So if I have to end it all, my demise
Is oh so cunning, arched back highs

Traverse the creamy expanse of your body
Willing to do things that others probably
Would shy away from
Not afraid to get some

So lay back and rest your gaze
Upon the ceiling I didn’t come to play
Screams, they will not cause me to faze
My mouth works but words I don’t convey

Just rest your head for this pleasure
For I search for my pearl, my buried treasure
Walk this line? Never too quick
Salt of your skin I will lick

Breathe hard as we demonstrate
Eyes locked in a constant contemplate
Transverse spots thought once hidden
Bodies locked in constant rhythm


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