Insight Fight

Let me bend your ear just a little bit
I see your thoughts portraying on your face just sit
I will attempt to keep this chat just a tad quick
So that you can contemplate about it some and that’s it

See I see you struggle every day with that smile
War in the streets, hate and crime, situation seems dire
I don’t want to be held accountable but I’m not a liar
Blood feels your veins and all of it seems vile

Karma got you acting out, what’s that about
And you think you are owed without a doubt
Pout to get what you want, young girl know this
Stand out in that crowd, please don’t try to fit

Sit and listen twice as much, don’t assume stuff
Learn to achieve it all on your own, don’t own a crutch
Such is life and know that you can be what you really want
Never face back, nothing is in the past, face that front

I feel deep down inside the power is within you, never sour
Even when the situation at times seems too rough or too dour
Remain with your head held high, eyes to the sky
Feet grounded, well rounded arms spread out, ready to fly


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