The Guise of Disguise (Heart)

She greets me with smile all the while
She’s searching for a place to plant the knife
Meanwhile, I’m searching for something that isn’t right
Like, will I ever grow up? Will it ever be alright?
Look at her laugh at my mistakes, what will it all take
For me to buck the trend and remove with all the fake
What’s at stake? Do I really have a complaint?
Probably my sanity, her vanity
Blows my god damn mind. Like I’m part of the issue
When all along I’m growing through all this misuse
I believe, I believe, yeah I thought that’s what was said
But if you could only see the middle finger of what would be read
Me with egg on my face. Like I got time for that
Ticking all away, night is the time of the rat
Shake all this rust because survival is a must
And I apologize on the harshness but you must hear it in cuss
All this fuss mounts to nothing if you do what’s right
And the daylight seems brighter when you survive through the night
Remove the disguise you use as guise to confuse us guys
Realize that lies catch up to compromise and cause your demise
Were you ever real?
So where are we going?

I hate to sound like I complain
It’s hard to find some restrain
When you are always there


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