The Barriers You Built

Break down the barriers that go and cloud your mind
Your heart is too beautiful to try and hide
Wayward lost, seeds try to lose your time
Acceptance a better choice, responsibility is mine
Try to define
A new way she can come from behind
Seems tears tear the soul more so everyday
Only hope to break down the barriers in every way
Watch her cope while feeling helpless in cage
No matter what you do, can’t hope to contain the rage
If these walls could speak
Do you think they would seek
A way to explain a way to let go of the pain
A stain upon your soul, mind feeling a little lame?
Searching for some shelter in a desert waiting for rain
But even your tears evaporate before they all drain

Some days will be darker
Some nights will be colder
And I’m searching for that shoulder
All alone I feel carrying this boulder

Shudder some nights in a sea of sheets
Drowning I feel the problem cuts too deep
See her in my mind some days too far gone
Break down the barriers, sing this joyful song
Try to contain a feeling turned towards insane
Love it when I feel it, mind on rearrange
How could I ever give such a precious gift
Her joy now only means what you gave causes her to split
Simple since you don’t know it
Hidden so you can’t destroy it
What you took for granted, has now been supplanted
Watch as I ask where you demanded
Build up your walls a little steeper
You became second showing while I became a new feature
Mistakes became your only choice
And now I dry what you once made moist


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