Drown Me

Crash upon me with all your might
Drown me with every bit of your delight
Surround me without sight of land
I’m hardheaded but want to understand
So just fill my lungs with no air
Drown me now, I’m in your despair
Bring me down
Watch me drown
Watch me

Tried to help but I only caused more rain
Did not mean to take this and to maim
Only wanted to feel you once again rage
Upon the shore I am, to feel you again teenage
Without a care or worry to halt your flow
Without a time where your waters felt too low
Bring me down
Help me drown
Help me

Not sure how to say this and make it clear
My own insecurities seem to force me to steer
Away from my final goal
And that’s to see you whole
So feel the need to take me down
In you I hope that I can drown

Never meant to go this path
I just want to live in your wrath
Never to see this go and fade
Pull me under with just one wave
Bring me down
I want to drown


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