The Knight

His stature is slumped, bent from the weight of burden
Eyes lowered towards the ground and his next step forward
His armor is dirty and dinged from wars he has waged in
The glimmer from his iris dulled from all of his sin
Sword and shield he carries, his horse is absent
Died a long time ago from the harshest of path that he went
He has seen many a battle and fought many a war
The knight has marched on, open wounds now healed to a scar
His duty reminds him that there are still ones to save
Before he can rest his weary soul and lay in his grave
Everyone wants a knight in bright, clean, shining armor
Those ones are not worthy though to carry her honor
Fight on he will through that dragon’s fire
Urgent is his responsibility, this journey is dire
He could stop, pause, just maybe rest awhile
Never, cause his goal has become to return her smile
He arrives not clean, not a hero dressed in all white
Torn and worn but because he was never afraid to fight
He’s her knight


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