Influenced (Can’t See Clearly)

Influenced, I’m under its spell clearly not thinking well
Disillusioned with cloudy eyes closed by the swell
My own ego saying I’m doing everything right
Clearly this is a fight and I am losing this tonight
But I can’t contain the thoughts of what I should admit
Kneel and repent,better it get me in the end
Better to go out on top then fall through the cracks and blend
No thanks I don’t need your reprimand
Better to not see clearly than understand
She said as she swallows another one down
Will she grow or fade away without making a sound?
Why deny the truth and how she feels the use
Is weighing her down, I’m not around
Now my only hope is to come back from all this
Mind on a new track like I fucking switched
Even the devil searches for that which will make him rich
So excuse my apology for being something more
As I try to break through this constant contour
Hear her asking me the what for
Dear I believe I have shut that door
So how can you get ahead in life with your eyes shut tight
How to think clearly when you are influenced by what’s not right?
So out of 365 days in any given year
You’d rather be induced to living insincere


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