From Herald to Queen (Your Knight is Coming)

“He can feel the pain from the arrows piercing his armor
Buckled on his knees, he remembers his vow to let none harm her
All his weight he places on his hands
To his feet his will demands
Shaky at first, the steps they are
But before long he has walked so far
His goals remain, sword sheathed at his side
For he knows no fear of any man alive
His march continues on across a war torn field
Bodies litter the grass from the weapons they once wield
All have fallen and not risen
But he is by far the most driven
By his queen’s side, he’ll stand forever
To stop him, his head you would need to sever
From his shoulders, because he knows no end
For her heart is broken and he must mend
He’ll arrive by night, armor dinged up and stained
With the blood of his enemies, those he slain
Woe is the warrior without a place to rest his sword
And woe to the poet who will never be heard
He carries on for you my queen, he’ll march and fight
For your love only, he is your knight.”


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