I Thought (I Do)

I thought I would write you a poem
To let you know you are never alone
All you have been through, would it help you atone?

I thought I would sing you a song
One to tell how I loved you all along
Would that make everything else seem so wrong?

I thought I’d paint you a portrait
To show the world how you are worth it
But if I could never see you, I’d become morbid

I thought I’d give you a million words
I’m sure all of them you have once heard
A million thoughts and a million promises
All of them at the time seemed harmless

A voice probably has said it before
That you couldn’t be loved any more
So for you, I won’t do those things
I’d rather show you what my love means

It’s not what I say I’d do
But what I do to show you
I love you


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