Winter Chill

Her smile kept me here awhile stuck in maze
My mind fazed by the fire, I’m just amazed
Seems so long ago since we felt this heat
Wondering if the winter would chill or seep
Into our souls, change both of our roles

Her eyes keep me warm even though it’s hot
Seems like that winter cold air can’t find a spot
To cool this all down.
Her laugh keeps me around and in a mood
The breeze won’t freeze us anytime soon

Her hair has me lost without a care
No snow this year, wrapped in the warmest gear
You’d think I’d be sweating now, unusually warm
Time to bend the knee? Truly her I adorn
Winter chill can’t freeze me out, without a doubt
Figured out, soon we’ll see the glisten of a ring
All this heat and it’s supposed to be cold
Not afraid one bit to walk down this road

Never pass up on something that’s so real
When it’s right, the heat will keep away the winter chill


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