Apostasy (Life Preserver)

Once the sun strikes the mountain side
Her head lifts off the pillow and I hide
All illusions of the past
Nothing there was built to last

Kill my ego now
Shoot it down somehow
It was never helping me out
Without her I doubt
I could go on

Shed away all those insecurities
Wish I could paint what you mean to me
She whispers and I tear up
No word from a god could stop it

Kill my pride now
Stomp it down somehow
It was never saving me here
Without her I fear
I couldn’t go on

Lifts her head from this pillow, effortless
Her hair a sea of a beautiful mess
I swear I’d bend the knee
For no man, but for her I’d bleed

Even if I wander I will stay
Denounce all my old theology
For my thoughts of you have become my faith
Just laying here waiting for what you will convey
I love you

Kill my old fate
I’ve become your apostle
One to speak of Blasphemy
If her I cannot see
I would drown


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