Winter Chill

Her smile kept me here awhile stuck in maze My mind fazed by the fire, I'm just amazed Seems so long ago since we felt this heat Wondering if the winter would chill or seep Into our souls, change both of our roles Her eyes keep me warm even though it's hot Seems like that … Continue reading Winter Chill


The Knight

His stature is slumped, bent from the weight of burden Eyes lowered towards the ground and his next step forward His armor is dirty and dinged from wars he has waged in The glimmer from his iris dulled from all of his sin Sword and shield he carries, his horse is absent Died a long … Continue reading The Knight

4 hours

4 hours to just sit and think Time enough to allow it to sink The reality of what is you and me If that wasn't enough, what we could be 4 hours to ponder thru the night's sky Enough time to question all the while I search within to answer what's true That I couldn't … Continue reading 4 hours