Controlled Burn

The match that's struck to start a light A flame ablaze to calm that fight I control the burn, oh what a sight Just you and I Silly us, I reached out to brush your hair aside Deep inside you had me feeling truly alive Now it seems to be all pushing us all aside … Continue reading Controlled Burn


Blot the Sun with One Finger

Sweet, soft skin caress me now For I'm lone and cold somehow Seems one thing that I wished I would have never seen her So now I found a way to blot the sun with just one finger Whispers gently float and find my ears But the sand falling down now, strengthen my fears My … Continue reading Blot the Sun with One Finger


Imagine all the things you said Would you take back all the time just to shred The words that made her leave your stead You made so many mistakes before But don't let that become what keeps you sore Pick up those broken wings and learn to soar If your eyes forget to wake If … Continue reading IFR


Darkness, all around me can't seem to see Darkness, just lost trying to find me Darkness, where the hell could I even be Darkness, feeling lost constantly Friends and family wish I would just find my path Is it insane that I can't remember how to laugh Feeling like I'm just now stuck in the … Continue reading Palpebral