None know it better than you and me Come and see how messed up it could be As the sun went around, Night became our day And in this world of mess In this world of distress He found what's left Careless she was with her love, gave away Careless he was with her heart, … Continue reading Careless


One Will Try

Stare at him a little longer Times like these they say make you stronger How could we have it any other way? Just parts in life's so called play Stare away if you think you can Dreaming of something you don't understand Any way your soul is for sell? All for who, no way to … Continue reading One Will Try


Imagine all the things you said Would you take back all the time just to shred The words that made her leave your stead You made so many mistakes before But don't let that become what keeps you sore Pick up those broken wings and learn to soar If your eyes forget to wake If … Continue reading IFR