One Will Try

Stare at him a little longer Times like these they say make you stronger How could we have it any other way? Just parts in life's so called play Stare away if you think you can Dreaming of something you don't understand Any way your soul is for sell? All for who, no way to … Continue reading One Will Try



Simple thoughts, what you sought Was it worth All the pain you brought? Look back, at a face Not this place Nothing left but empty space Dream a dream, and so it seems You and me Remove all of what it means Another year gone by No longer a why Move on, leave behind All … Continue reading Displaced


Take my hand and watch as we glide Roots planted deep but still we fly Cracked we are, that we don't try to hide Can this story end without a question why Dance upon a grave and put to rest All that's insecure, let that be death The end raining down upon us both But … Continue reading Rust


Darkness, all around me can't seem to see Darkness, just lost trying to find me Darkness, where the hell could I even be Darkness, feeling lost constantly Friends and family wish I would just find my path Is it insane that I can't remember how to laugh Feeling like I'm just now stuck in the … Continue reading Palpebral